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Journaux et magazines matériaux

mercredi 19 avril 2006, par Vincent MAGNIN

Voici une liste de journaux ou magazines en rapport avec les matériaux.

- En Anglais :

  • AZojomo - The "AZo Journal of Materials Online" : gratuit. Format HTML.
  • AZojono - Journal of Nanotechnology Online : gratuit. Format HTML.
  • Platinum Metals Review : "the quarterly E-journal of research on the platinum metals and of developments in their application in industry". Téléchargeable gratuitement en PDF.
  • Materials Today : "Materials Today is the international magazine for all researchers with an interest in materials science and technology. [...] Materials Today is distributed free of charge to registered readers who match our circulation profile."
  • Nature Materials : "monthly multi-disciplinary journal aimed at bringing together cutting-edge research across the entire spectrum of materials science, blending physics, chemistry, biology and engineering into an innovative product." Payant.
  • New Journal of Physics : "New Journal of Physics (NJP) is an open-access, electronic-only research journal covering the whole of physics. All content is permanently free to read..." Articles gratuitement téléchargeables en PDF.
  • Recycling International : "Written by recycling experts and experienced journalists, the ten issues published each year serve as an indispensable source of information for senior professionals throughout the international recycling business."